Custom Services

Transposition Service. Do you have a song that you want to sing but it just isn't in the right key? We offer a very affordable transposition service for most piano/vocal works: just $5 per page. To take advantage of this service, email us at and we will explain how to proceed. Fastest service can be obtained if you can provide a 300 dpi monochrome or grayscale scan of the music.

Custom Engraving. Trying to read music from handwritten or badly copied music? We can produce a beautiful printed score that will be easy on your eyes and your wallet. Send an email to and explain what you need. We'll give you a quote for the work as soon as we have seen a scan of the original music.

Printed Editions. Don't want to print out the music yourself? We'll do it for you at a cost of only $0.25 per page, using our high resolution laser printer and high quality paper, and a fixed shipping cost of $3 per order. This service is available to U.S. customers only, and you must either be a member or have purchased a download version of the music. You can choose to have the music printed in a variety of ways. Again, email us at to start a dialogue about this service.

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