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What We Offer

  • The best popular and serious piano and vocal works from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
    There's a lot of music to choose from in this era; we've picked only the finest works that exhibit harmonic and melodic creativity and which we feel deserve to be better known.
  • New, state-of-the-art digital engravings that are better than the originals.
    Though based on the original editions, these are completely new engravings that correct errors and upgrade the music to adhere to modern notational conventions, in consistent, easy-to-read text and music fonts.
  • Music packaged in the convenience of the PDF format.
    You can print the music just the way you want it, on your own computer, and you can download it in seconds without waiting for anything to be physically shipped to you.
  • MP3 files that let you listen to any piece of music before you buy.
    For vocal works, we also provide a free PDF of the vocal part (without the accompaniment) so that you can see precisely how the words fit with the music.
  • Free samples of our music so you see exactly the quality of our editions.
    Complete free samples can be found on our Samples page, but you can always print at least one sample page from every work in our catalog. Judge for yourself; you'll find that our music is of the finest professional quality.
  • An annual membership for only $25 that allows you to download everything in our catalog.
    Chances are, if you like one piece from our catalog, you'll like another. Your membership also helps support our ongoing efforts to prepare new editions of other fine works from this era.
  • Safe online shopping with payment via PayPal.
    We never see, let alone store, your credit card information, and PayPal is a recognized leader in handling online payments safely and conveniently.
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.
    If any of our music fails to meet your expectations for any reason, we will refund your full purchase price, no questions asked.

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