Words Are Not Needed (from Oh Boy!, 1917)

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A girl in love does not need words to say so to a man.
For love has a language of its own.
Can she learn it? She can.
Would he understand it? Who?
Why, the chap she’s talking to.
If she didn’t say a thing,
We don’t see how he could.
It’s an easy thing to do.

If, every day, he reads the message he sees in her eyes,
If, when he gazes fondly in them, she droops them and sighs—
Then he will know she loves him dearly, whate’er may befall.
So, now you understand why words are not needed, at all.

Then flowers are quite a help, for each means something, I am told.
A rose may say, I love you, dear! Yes, we know, but that’s old.
Can’t you tell us something new?
That’s an easy thing to do.
For the language of the flowers has been overdone.
Jewels have their language, too.

If, every day, he sends her diamonds or pearls on a string,
If, every day, she gets a pendant or bracelet or ring—
Then she will know how very deeply in love he must be.
When people love each other, words are not needed, you see.