When Was There Ever a Night Like This (1912)

Vocal Range



Silvery beams, moonlight and dreams,
Soft the shadows are falling;
Skies with their gold, pictures unfold,
To the dreamers they’re calling.
Filtering lights, play here and there,
Mystic the sights, balmy the air,
Winds that come with their kiss;
Ah, never a night, a night like this!
Wonderful night, love finds delight,
Wonderful night, stop in your flight!

When was there ever a night like this,
When all the world seemed a song of bliss?
When did the moon shine bright,
Just like it shines tonight?
When was there ever a love like mine,
Filled with a rapture that seems divine?
When did the stars ever light up the sky,
Sending new hope so bright?
When was there ever a night such as this,
When was there such a night?

Whispering trees, soft midnight breeze,
Try to whisper a blessing;
Flowers so fair, fragrance so rare,
Seem to come so caressing.
Nature sublime, gives with a will,
Knowing her time, when all is still,
Dreams that seem made of gold;
Ah, never such dreams, as now unfold,
Night of my heart, must you depart?
Must you go ’way, now with the day?