When Two Hearts Discover (from See-Saw, 1919)

Vocal Range


One of Hirsch's catchiest tunes, with lyrics by the author of the Charlie Chan mysteries.


Love’s sort of funny, you will find,
Someday when you are in it;
You meet the very one who seems
The one you’ve pictured in your dreams—
You know it in a minute.
You wonder if the other feels
The little thrill that softly steals
Into your heart but I forget:
Of course you’ve not been through it yet.

When two hearts discover they’re one and the same,
You find that it’s kind of a wonderful game;
No word need be spoken, in silence unbroken,
You stand there adoring, you don’t find it boring.
Your world seems as bright as the gold of the sun;
Your life seems to be but that moment begun,
And oh, how you glory to hear that old story,
When two hearts discover they’re one.

Love is delightful, I’ve heard that,
And I’m not one to doubt it;
Then, too, perhaps I may know more
Than people give me credit for—
I may know all about it!
There’s just a chance that I have met
The sort of girl I can’t forget,
And when I speak, you understand,
My views may not be secondhand.