Along the Way to Waikiki (1917)

Vocal Range


The last two notes in the original vocal part for the ninth measure (on “breezes”) are both G, but it seems certain that the last note should be A, as in the right hand accompaniment.


Far away, Far away,
Where the balmy breezes blow,
Where they sway While they play
Ukuleles sweet and low;
Where my heart is I am going
And I wish you were going, too.
If you stray Down that way,
I’ll be there to wel-come you.

And if you like you can hike with me
Along the way to Waikiki,
Where the palm trees swaying,
Playing in the breeze,
Harmonize with those Hawaiian melodies.
That’s why I yearn to return once more;
I want to stroll o’er the golden shore
Where the silvery stars And the steel guitars
Stole a part of the heart of me,
Along the way to Waikiki.

If you go Then I know
You will learn to love it, too;
Eyes aglow, Voices low,
Singing love songs just for you.
If the world looks blue and dreary
And you long for a place worthwhile,
Let me know; Let me show
You that sunny sun-kiss’d isle.