Virginia Lee (1915)

Vocal Range
Vocal Range
  • Chorus arr. for TTBB (Barbershop): $1
  • Number of Pages: 1
  • Skill Level: Moderate
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The barbershop arrangement of the chorus features a low finish and a high finish; the performance file presents them in succession. In an actual performance, of course, only one of the endings would be used.


Can’t you hear me calling, calling all the while?
Honey, I am feeling mighty blue.
Come to me, come to me;
Seems to me I hear you calling too.
Folks up north don’t love you half so much as I,
They don’t understand Virginia Lee.
You and “Old Dominion,” both in my opinion
Mean the world to me.

Virginia Lee, my own Virginia, come to me.
I’m as lonesome as can be;
I’ve been waiting, waiting to win y’u, win y’u Virginia,
Here in Norfolk by the sad, sad sea.
If there’s a soul within y’u,
pack your little grip, Virginia, come back to me.

Honey, you remember, once upon a time,
Both of us were seated on a stile.
You and I, ’neath the sky,
Stars above a-twinkling all the while.
I said something to you, you gave your consent,
Think you said the day would be in June.
Then they took you from us; if you keep your promise,
You must come back soon.

Virginia Lee...