That Old Girl of Mine (1912)

Vocal Range



The twilight shades are falling,
The sun has gone to rest.
In dreams I’m now recalling
The girl I love the best.
How well do I remember
The golden days gone by,
When hearts were true and love was new
To you, my Lou, and I.

In your eyes the light of love was softly beaming,
My dearie, so sweet and cheery.
In your hair a shade of gold was gleaming,
Like moonbeams that shine.
Lou, Lou, I still love you,
For the sake of Auld Lang Syne;
And I call you, when I fall to sleep a-dreaming,
“That Old Girl of Mine.”

The roses, sweet and tender,
Are sad when you are gone.
The stars have lost their splendor,
But rosy is the dawn.
The nightingales are singing
In summer skies of blue,
And while they sing they seem to bring
Sweet memories of you.

In your eyes...