Suez (Oriental Romance) (1922)

Vocal Range


A popular song by the classically trained composer whose most famous work was Grand Canyon Suite.


In old Suez, under mystic sky,
Near the old Red Sea, where the ships go by;
There where the palm trees sway,
Your lips and eyes plead with me to stay;

In Suez, wondrous Suez,
Where I was captured with your love sigh;
All day, And thru the night,
To be with you I cry;
When you enfold me in your sweet loving arms,
I feel the thrill of all your charms, dear;
Suez, wondrous Suez, I lost my heart to you.

When far away, with the caravan,
There I pitch my tent, on the desert sand;
Then o’er the blazing plain,
I wander back, love, to you again;

In Suez...