Starlight (from Ziegfeld Follies 1918)

Vocal Range



Up in the big blue sky,
On the Milky Way,
Where the wonderful planets are,
There is a romance high;
For the moon, they say,
Is in love with a beautiful star.
For when the sun sinks low
And the vale of night
Sheds its glorious azure blue,
Then the moon all aglow
To the star so bright
Sings this song of his love so true.

Starlight, starlight,
Wonderful and silv’ry far light;
Gleam on, stream on,
O’er the world and let us dream on.
Love-light of night,
Glist’ning, sparkling ever bright.
Never sleep; keep on bestowing,
Ever keep your love-light glowing,
My Starlight.