South Sea Isles (from George White's Scandals, 1921)

Vocal Range



A mystic land, That tells a story,
On every hand, Of tropic glory.
Here, care and worries disappear;
And everywhere, The flowers blooming,
With fragrance rare, The air perfuming,
Here, Paradise is very near.
I love those

Sunny South Sea Islands,
Golden tropic sky lands,
Land of palms and bright-colored birds,
Where I heard your wonderful words of
Love so true and tender, Told with sweet surrender,
There I learned to bless the day that brought me
To the Sunny South Sea Isles.

The savage chants, As night advances;
The wild romance Of savage dances
All seem to lure me with their call.
The reckless love, That sets you reeling,
That soars above All other feeling,
All seem to hold me in their thrall.
I love those...