Sooner or Later (1915)

Vocal Range


Another delightfully catchy tune that makes great use of syncopation.


Why are you sighing, why are you blue?
What’s that you’re saying— Our love is through?
If we must part today, there’s nothing left to say;
Though you’ll be far away, still I’ll love you.
We’ve been so happy, just you and I;
Now that it’s over I sigh.
But if it must be so,
you really want to go,
Good luck to you and good-bye.

Sooner or later,
Your heart will cry “I want you.”
Sooner or later,
My love is bound to haunt you.
You’re going to sigh for me,
You’re going to cry for me,
You’re going to wonder why our love cannot be;
Maybe not today but there’ll come a time,
When love comes knocking at your heart you will find,
It will cry for sympathy the same as mine,
Sooner or later, my dear.

When you are lonely, what will you do?
When someone wants me, you’ll want me too.
Some day for old times’ sake, maybe your heart will ache—
Then you’ll be glad to take me back to you.
Never mind me, dear, I’ll get along;
Still I can’t help feeling blue.
You made me care for you;
My heart I gave to you,
Some day you’ll care for me, too.