Send Me a Curl (1917)

Vocal Range
Vocal Range
  • Chorus arr. for TTBB (Barbershop): $2
  • Number of Pages: 2
  • Skill Level: Moderate
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Soldiers everywhere,
See the people stare!
All the boys are on their way;
Good-bye, here we go—
step out, don’t be slow,
we will leave for France today.
But though we go to fight across the foam,
We won’t forget the folks at “Home Sweet Home.”

There’s a corner in my heart
That I’m keeping all apart
For the little girl I left behind.
I can see her waiting there,
with the flowers in her hair
And the roses in her cheeks entwined.
So when you’re thinking of me over yonder—
When you wonder what I’d like to wear,
Send a pretty little curl
From the sweetest little girl
In my home town.

While we’re fighting here,
I see mother dear,
Good old dad and sister May;
Just that lonesome three,
making things for me,
thinking of me night and day.
And then I see a little wedding ring,
I know there’s “Someone” hears me when I sing: