Rolled into One (from Oh Boy!, 1917)

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Though men think it strange
Girls should need a change
From their manly fascinations;
The fact is, this act is a thing we’re driven to.
You don’t have much fun
If you stick to one;
Men have all such limitations.
Look ’round you, I’m bound you
Will find that this is true.

At the opera I like to be with Freddie,
To a musical show, I go with Joe.
I like to dance with Ted, and golf with Dick or Ned,
And at the races and other lively places,
Sam and Eddie are fun.
But I’m pining ’till there comes in my direction, one combining,
Every masculine perfection,
Who’ll be Eddie,
And Joe, and Dick and Sam, and Freddie,
and Neddie and Teddie rolled in one.

Every where you go,
Men are useful, so
Just collect them when you find them.
Catch twenty, that’s plenty, I don’t think you need more.
If they say you flirt,
Don’t be feeling hurt,
That’s a way they have; don’t mind them.
They tell us they’re jealous,
But that’s what men are for.

At the opera...