Rock-a-bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody (1918)

Vocal Range


Your editor has to confess that he has loved this song since he was a teenager, and is delighted to discover that Schwartz has written a multitude of other fine tunes (many of which will appear in this catalog as time goes by).
As the cover amply demonstrates, the songs in a musical such as Sinbad often bore no relationship whatever to the story, such as it was.


Mammy mine,
Your little rollin’ stone
that rolled away, strolled away;
Mammy mine,
Your rollin’ stone is rollin’
home today, there to stay.
Just to see your smilin’ face
Smile a welcome sign;
When I’m in your fond embrace,
Listen, Mammy mine:

Rock-a-bye your baby with a Dixie melody;
When you croon, croon a tune, from the heart of Dixie.
Just hang my cradle, Mammy mine,
Right on that Mason-Dixon Line,
And swing it from Virginia
To Tennessee with all the love that’s in yer.
“Weep no more, my lady,” sing that song again for me;
And “Old Black Joe,” just as though you had me on your knee;
A million baby kisses I’ll deliver,
The minute that you sing the Swanee River;
Rock-a-bye your rock-a-bye baby with a Dixie melody.

I hear a mammy sing her
babe to sleep, slumber deep,
That’s the time
The shadows ’round my heart
begin to creep, and I weep.
Wonder why I went away;
What a fool I’ve been.
Take me back to yesterday
In your arms again: