Neptune's Daughter (1914)

Vocal Range


Editorial Changes
m21, l.h.: (2 bars before chorus) orginal has D sharp on beat 3, clearly misplaced and intended to be F sharp


Down by the seaside,
Where waves were rolling,
A boy went strolling;
Moonlight night,
He was watching the fish at play.
That very evening,
Beside the water
sat Neptune’s daughter;
When he spied her pretty face he cried.

Lovely little Neptune’s daughter,
Living underneath the water,
I love you, Yes, I do!
You seem to me to be lonely.
When the moon begins to glimmer,
If I were a deep sea swimmer,
Then I’d go down below,
My little queen of the sea.

Once he went fishing,
Where waves were rolling,
He started strolling;
Hours went by.
Then the shadows began to fall.
His heart was lonely.
He sat there thinking;
the sun was sinking.
From the blue there came a voice he knew.