My Sweet (from In Tammany Hall, 1905)

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Every kid on the block has a sweetheart,
A pearly he looks to with pride.
And when the old moon starts a-dreaming,
He flies like a bird to her side.
Have you heard of Mamie Maloney?
You did? Well, you know she’s all right.
The real thing, you bet, not a phoney,
She’s my sweet, say she’s not, and I’ll fight.

My sweet, my sweet,
the copper while passing says isn’t she neat?
My sweet, my sweet,
the newsies admit, she’s the belle of the street.
There’s a little cosy corner
In the subway of my heart
That’s locked up, you see,
And I’ve handed the key to my sweet, sweetheart.

I don’t mean to always sell papers,
Although I makes pretty good pay.
It’s honest and there ain’t no tellin’:
I might be a mayor some day.
Or head of the great knights of labor,
For history is known to repeat.
Or Willie K. Vanderbilt’s neighbor
In a brownstone with my little sweet.