My Own Iona (Moi-Oné-Ionae) (1916)

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I long to be, long to see, you and me
Down among the Hula Hula hills,
With its pretty little lakes and rills.
My heart with rapture fills;
I’ll ne’er forget, little pet, when we met
Underneath the ever watching moon,
I miss those sighing croons,
Hawaiian tunes and you.

My own Iona,
From old Halona,
Your dark and dreamy eyes—
They speak of paradise;
My ukelele,
Played the Mauna Loa gaily;
Halona’s calling me, Iona dear, my own.

For every day that I stay far away
From the valley in the tropic isle,
There’s a missing little sunny smile
That haunts me all the while;
For ev’ry night that I might have delight,
Being with you, I am all alone,
Far from your loving arms,
Hawaiian charms and you.