Melody Land (from Cheer Up, 1917)

Vocal Range



I know a land that is well worth knowing
And though it’s grand it has got me going:
For there is someone there
Whose face and form so fair
Just thrills me and fills me
with thoughts of wedding bells.
Sweet wedding bands, ever fascinating,
Out in those lands where a maid is waiting,
To evermore be near me,
Her voice to charm and cheer me.
There’s something in its tune
that makes me want her for my own.

Melody land, you are ever calling,
Melody land, in a tone enthralling;
Whispers of love as from above
Seeming to sigh a promise bye and bye.
There’ll be a grand day to spoon right soon, there,
And hand in hand to a wedding tune, there,
She’ll say “Together, forever in harmony: you and I.”

Isn’t it strange but I know I’d never
Long for a change but be faithful ever
Unto that magic land
Where harmonies so grand
Abound all around
like the flowers in the ground.
And to each Belle with her peal appealing,
Fairly I’d tell her the truth revealing,
That there’s just one that haunts me;
I pray each day she wants me
To come and claim her soon
in that sweet land where all’s in tune.

Melody land...