Meet Me To-night (1913)

Vocal Range
Vocal Range
  • Chorus arr. for TTBB (Barbershop): $1
  • Number of Pages: 1
  • Skill Level: Moderate
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Vocal Range


This beautifully crafted song offers two arrangements of its chorus, one for male quartet (barbershop) and one for mixed quartet. The original edition stated that the barbershop arrangement could be tranformed to mixed quartet by giving the 2nd tenor part to the soprano and the 1st tenor part to the alto an octave lower, but this resulted in the altos singing above the sopranos in some places. Your editor has therefore adjusted the SATB arrangement slightly to fix this.


Idly I stray, dear, all the day,
Life is sad and lonely,
Thinking of you, that’s all I do,
For I love you only;
My heart doth yearn for your return,
Yearning every day.
Say you love me, so tenderly,
Once more, then I’ll say:

Meet me tonight, my darling,
Meet me at twilight’s glow,
There, where we wandered hand in hand,
There, where I loved you so.
Come dressed up in your gingham,
Just as you used to do.
Meet me tonight, oh, meet me tonight, for I love you.

If dreams come true, then I’ll have you
For my own, my darling.
Dreaming sweet dreams, it always seems,
You’re with me, so charming.
Meet me tonight, meet me tonight,
Say your heart is true.
I’ll sing again this sweet refrain:
Love me, I love you.