Mary (from Mary, 1920)

Vocal Range



I’m not a girl that you’d call stately;
I’m not the kind that walks sedately;
I’m not the haughty kind,
Nor yet the naughty kind,
Who with some fellow’s heart is always playing.
I’m not a girl that you’d call queenly
Who floats her way through life serenely;
I’m not a smarty girl, I’m just a hearty girl
Who always has a lot of fellows saying:

Mary, I simply ought to marry, What shall I do?
Mary, I’ve simply got to marry someone like you.
She must be tender and true
And just as slender as you;
She must be truthful all through
And just as youthful as you!
But when of course I know there’s Mary;
Another girl who has your manner and poise.
Another girl who has your way with the boys;
There’s none whose style is so neat,
Whose loving smile is so sweet.
Who ever knew such eyes of heavenly blue?
So darling Mary, I’ve simply got to marry you.

I’m not the kind called intellectual,
Whose reasoning powers are so effectual;
Nor yet the sprightly kind,
The very flighty kind,
Who keeps some doting fellow always guessing;
And yet you’d never call me gloomy—
My heart is big and warm and roomy
With lots of latitude
And full of gratitude
Whene’er I hear a loving chap confessing: