When I Get Married To-day (1913)

Vocal Range



Good-bye, boys,
Noise and joys.
Listen while I tell you.
Good-bye, girls,
Curls and pearls.
I bid you all adieu.
I leave you all when I go away,
Far away, away to stay.
Wish me good luck when you hear me say.
I get married to-day.

No more wining and no more dining
when I get married to-day.
No more racing around and chasing
At home I always must stay.
Farewell, Jack and Bill,
Give my best wishes to our friend Lil.
Say to Maisie that I’ve gone crazy
when I get married to-day.

Fancy clothes,
Shows and beaus.
I surely miss you now.
Night of nights,
Sights and fights.
I hate to leave, somehow.
I met my mother-in-law to be;
You should see her family.
Mister Carnegie, oh, hear my plea.
Save a medal for me.