There's a Little Spark of Love Still Burning (1914)

Vocal Range
Vocal Range
  • Chorus arr. for TTBB (Barbershop): $2
  • Number of Pages: 2
  • Skill Level: Moderate
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There was a fire burning in my heart,
Burning for years and for years.
Your love and kisses gave that flame a start,
I put it out with my tears;
You don’t remember, I can’t forget—
That old affection lives with me yet.
I keep on longing, to my regret—
I know I can’t forget.

There’s a little spark of love still burning,
And yearning down in my heart for you.
There’s a longing there for your returning:
I want you! I do.
So come, come to my heart again;
Come, come, set that love aflame,
For there’s a little spark of love still burning,
and yearning for you.

I left you laughing when I said goodbye—
Laughing but nobody knew
How much relief I found when I could cry;
I cried my heart out for you.
I’ve loved you more than you’ll ever know;
Though years have passed I’ve wanted you so.
Bring back the old love, let new love grow;
come back and whisper low.