Ka-lu-a (from Good Morning Dearie, 1921)

Vocal Range



Where the feathered palm trees lightly sway,
High above the blue Hawaiian bay;
Set in opal, rose and pearl,
Are my memories of a girl;
Could I send a message to her I’d say:

When it’s moonlight in Ka-lu-a,
Night like this is divine:
It was moonlight in Ka-lu-a,
When your kisses met mine.
Although the rose and jasmine bloom as fair,
And love is calling through the scented air, everywhere:
It is lonely in Ka-lu-a,
Because you are not there.

Shadows fall from every haunted pine,
Where the moonrays on the water shine;
There’s a road of spangled blue,
That would lead me straight to you;
Could I only follow the silver line:

When it’s moonlight in Ka-lu-a...