In Zanzibar (My Little Chimpanzee) (1904)

Vocal Range


Like many popular songs of the era, this one was published without any tempo indication, so (Not too fast) is merely an editorial suggestion.


In Zanzibar, great land of glory,
A monkey Czar (so runs the story)
Came from afar with love o’er-laden
To win and woo a monkey maiden;
with twang Darwinian
Sang this opinion:

My little Chimpanzee,
you’re all this world to me;
A branch I’ll find for thee
in my own fam’ly tree.
No monkey-shine for me;
A wedding fine there’ll be
In high society
In Zanzibar.

In Zanzibar’s great cocoanut castle,
Hail to the Czar, each monkey vassal!
Great King Gazoo, my great ancestor,
Sang to his bride as he caressed her
with chin bone chattering,
His Panzie flattering.