I Know that I'm in Love (1921)

Vocal Range



I used to feel
Love wasn’t real
Until someone came along.
Then I found out
Beyond a doubt
My first impression was wrong.
I caught by chance
One fleeting glance
From eyes with lovelight aglow.
I can’t forget,
It lingers yet,
Always wherever I go.

I know that I’m in love
For all I’m thinking of
Is someone who once smiled at me.
Why even when I dream
The same lips always seem
Beguiling and smiling so sweetly.
The same two eyes divine
That once smiled into mine
Keep shining from the stars above.
My joy will be complete
When once again we meet—
Oh, I know that I’m in love.

One little smile
Gone in a while
Gave you a hope that is new.
So may a vow
If taken now
Bring soul salvation to you.
Love is the light
That leads you right
When you are drifting about.
Follow its ray
Each night and day
You will be saved, never doubt.