In the Heart of the City that Has No Heart (1913)

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She wanted to roam so she left the old home,
The old people’s hearts were sore;
She longed for the sights and the bright city lights
Where hundreds had gone before.
She went to the heart of the city
And mingled with strangers there,
But nobody said, “You are being misled,”
For what did the stranger care?

In the heart of the city that has no heart,
That’s where they meet, and that’s where they part.
The current of vice had proved too strong
So the poor little girlie just drifted along.
Nobody cared if she lived or died;
Nobody cared if she laughed or cried.
She just a lost sister and nobody’s missed her;
She’s there in the city
Where there’s no pity,
In the city that has no heart.

A year passes by, there’s a tear in her eye,
And sorrow is on her brow.
Oh! what would she do if the old people knew—
She couldn’t go back home now.
Her dear mother said when they parted:
“Remember your good old name.”
Then her daddy said, “Rather we’d see you dead
Than bring us disgrace and shame.”

In the heart of the city that has no heart...