The Land Where the Good Songs Go (from Oh Boy!, 1917)

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It’s not clear whether this song was originally intended for Oh Boy!, but it was used in at least one production to open the second act. The words of the second verse beginning “Dear old songs” are an almost perfect mission statement for, the place on the Internet where the good songs go.


On the other side of the moon,
Ever so far,
Beyond the last little star,
There’s a land, I know,
where the good songs go,
Where it’s always afternoon;
And snug in a haven of peace and rest,
Lie the dear old songs that we love the best.

It’s a land of flowers
And April showers
With sunshine in between,
With roses blowing and rivers flowing,
’Mid rushes growing green;
Where no one hurries
And no one worries
And life runs calm and slow:
And I wish some day I could find my way
To the land where the good songs go.

Dear old songs forgotten too soon—
They had their day,
And then we threw them away;
And without a sigh we would pass them by,
For some other, newer tune.
So off to a happier home they flew,
Where they’re always loved and they’re always new.

It’s a land of flowers...