Everybody Rag With Me (1914)

Vocal Range


An irresistible tune with delightful syncopations.


What’s that sneaky, freaky, creepy melody?
It just takes me, makes me restless as can be.
It goes to my heart, my head, my feet,
I’ll give anybody in the house my seat.
I want to dance, dance, dance, dance, dance till I drop;
I don’t ever want to stop this ragging.

Everybody rag with me, Everybody drag with me.
I’ve learned these dips and skips and dreamy hesitations,
I could dance till day is dawning,
Then I want to dance all morning.
Everybody sway with me,
Drop your work and play with me.
I don’t want to hear any opera grand,
Ragtime music, that’s what I understand!
I want everybody in the world to rag with me.

Sousa’s clever but he never played like this.
This just thrills me and it fills me full of bliss;
There it goes again! that sweet refrain!
Every note reminds me of an Angel strain!
Come on and dance, dance, dance, dance, then dance some more,
We’ll wear out this old pine floor completely.