Everybody Knows He's Mine (1918)

Vocal Range


An excellent early blues tune from Indianapolis publisher Seidel Music.


I’ve got the dearest sweetheart,
So different from the rest.
He’s just as loving as he can be;
Of all I love him best.
He’s always saying sweet things,
And calls me pretty names.
And though sometimes we’re far apart,
I love him just the same.

Everybody knows I love him.
Everybody knows how I pine and sigh.
Every night I dream about him;
When he’s gone I nearly die.
He is the sweetest man a-living;
There’s nothing that I would not give him.
What you’ve just heard, don’t take my word,
’Cause eveybody knows my love for him.
Yes, everybody knows he’s mine.

My man is in Chicago;
Just heard from him today.
I’ve got the blues and too mean to cry;
I’m sure he will not stay.
And when the blues o’ertakes me,
And finds me out and down,
He’ll telegraph my ticket;
then I’ll be Chicago bound.