Don't Cry Frenchy, Don't Cry (1919)

Vocal Range


A lovely song about wartime romance.


They met while clouds were hanging over Flanders:
A soldier’s glance; a war romance;
But now he’s leaving her alone in Flanders,
And he softly whispers to his maid of France:

“Don’t cry, Frenchy, don’t cry, When you kiss me good-bye;
I will always keep the Fleur-de-lis, dear,
You gave to me, dear, So dry your eye.
Sometime, Frenchy, sometime,
We’ll hear wedding bells chime.
Oh! please don’t cry, Frenchy, don’t cry, don’t cry;
Until we meet again, good-bye, good-bye.”

The peaceful stars will heal the scars of Flanders:
One tiny spark will light the dark;
For it will bring a message back to Flanders,
Just a word of love to you, my Joan of Arc:

“Don’t cry, Frenchy, don’t cry...”