Don't Be Sad (1919)

Vocal Range



Life is only a dream, so they say;
Love will live but a year and a day.
Let us sing, let us dance while we may,
For our youth will soon fade all away.
Do not grieve for the joys that are past;
Let’s enjoy life and love while they last.
Send your sorrows away—
Just forget yesterday;
Let us laugh and be gay while we may.

Don’t be sad, don’t feel bad,
All the clouds will pass away.
Only smile for a while
And the sun will shine someday.
Dry your tears, calm your fears,
All my heart belongs to you,
And I’ll pray every day
That our dreaming will all come true.

Do not sigh for the bliss you have known;
Do not cry for the days that are gone.
Let the sun shine, forget all the rain,
Let the happiness kill all the pain.
When your smiles steal away all the tears,
Love and laughter will calm all your fears.
Tell me what I can do
To be kinder to you.
I will always be faithful and true.