Coral Sea (1920)

Vocal Range


The first popular song hit for the composer who would later become one of the first of the successful writers of music for movies, this piece already shows some of the Brown trademarks, with its fluctuation between major and minor and its rapidly changing chords.


Just within the pale
Of sunny southern seas
Lies a sunset trail
That is calling me.
I hear a sweet-toned Lyre
With strains like magic fire a-playing.

Waves, rolling,
Enfolding, rose tint gems fill the air.
Jewels, glist’ning breeze,
Whisp’ring mysteries greet you, meet you ev’rywhere;
Strains, ringing, Sweet singing wafting love’s melody.
Your magic pow’r draws more each hour; Oh! Coral sea (­ sea).

There the sea-gulls play
And dip their snow white wings
At the break of day,
Weaving rainbow rings.
Then the billows deep
Resound their music sweet a-playing.