When the Clouds of War Roll By (1917)

Vocal Range



Everyone’s excited,
Let us get united,
Shoulder arms to crush the foe.
Bugle call is sounding,
Boys in blue are rounding,
To France they soon will go.
Sweetheart, have no fears;
Come let me dry your tears.

When the clouds of war roll by,
I’ll come marching home to you.
Until then I’ll bid goodbye;
Just say that you will be true blue.
Marching to victory,
For true democracy;
Back, back to you I’ll come,
When the clouds of war roll by.

When the dawn was breaking,
My poor heart was aching,
Just to be back home that day.
Cannons they were roaring,
Boys in blue were scoring
In the thickest of the fray.
At last we broke their line;
To this tune we’re keeping time.