City of Dreams (from Oh, My Dear! 1918)

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Down in the valley where sunbeams grow
and stars go to rest when they’re old,
Stands, ever covered in sunset glow,
a wonderful city of gold.
Often I hoped I should see some day
That city that others have known;
It’s easy to find if you know the way,
But no one can find it alone.

Dear golden city!
Life is happy and serene there
Where lovers go
When its spell they can’t resist.
And how I pity
all the folks who’ve never been there:
They’ll never know
All the wonders they have missed.
I’m going to stray there:
I’ve someone now to show the way there.
We’ll go and stay there;
It’s much more simple than it seems.
No one will find us
For we’ll leave the world behind us
In our dear city,
Our city of dreams.

Many are going there every day
and though some have sought it in vain,
No one who ever has found the way
can ever forget it again.
Close to a river whose wavelets creep
And splash on the silvery sand,
It’s not very far from the Hills of Sleep,
And they are in Fairy Land.