Blue Danube Blues (from Good Morning Dearie, 1921)

Vocal Range


The versatile Kern blends Strauss with the blues in this charming song.


When a chap would utter words that make him stutter to a girlie sweet,
At her stare he’s well aware that he has lots of hands and feet,
Then some kind musician seeing his position softly starts to play,
His arm slips in haste
’Round her slender waist and quite boldly he’ll say:
“I’ll be the
Bluest of the blue When I’m with out you,
The truest of the true; I’ll never doubt you.
How wonderful that you, With all the world from which to choose,
Selected me to be the apple of your eye! I can’t resist you,
And that’s the reason why I kissed you
when the band was playing the tune that sets you swaying:
The Blue Danube Blues.”
That sweet old strain we hear again.
The Danube Blue, each note rang true;
For other ears in bygone years.
So don’t refuse when we choose;
play the old Blue Danube Blues!

Playing all alone, a kid of seven in the park across the way,
I thought I was nearing heaven when the band began to play.
Ev’ry sweet and pretty shop-girl in the city danced there with her beau;
Now my man I’ve found,
Mister stick around; Since I met you I know I’ll be the
Bluest of the Blue...