A Pal Like You (from Oh Boy!, 1917)

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You are such a pal,
Don’t know, never shall.
Why, you outdistance
All other women in existence.
If you only knew,
How I’ve longed for you;
I never thought you would ever come.
What luck that brought you.

Dozens and dozens of girls I have met,
Sisters and cousins of men in my set:
Tried to be cheerful and give them an earful
Of soft sort of talk, but
Oh, gosh! the strain was something fearful!
Always found after a minute or two
Just to be civil was all I could do.
Now I know why I could never be contented,
I was looking for a pal like you.

Oh, my friend in need,
You’ve been friend indeed.
Saved me from danger—
I can’t believe you’re just a stranger.
I’ve been waiting, too,
All these years for you;
I shan’t forget you:
I mean to keep you now I’ve met you.

I’ve known so many, such hundreds of men;
Didn’t like any except now and then.
Flirted a minute,
’Twas fun to begin it
But found out quite soon there
was nothing, nothing, nothing in it.
Often and often I used to get blue,
Just went on flirting for something to do.
Now I know why I’d that sense of something missing,
I was looking for a pal like you.