When You See Another Sweetie Hanging Around (1919)

Vocal Range


This irresistible tune shows Donaldson at his best.


You wanted to see me cry,
The day that you said goodbye;
You kinda thought that when you wandered away,
On my knees I’d beg you to stay;
I gave you my heart complete,
They say that revenge is sweet;
But I know very well,
More than words can tell,
You will kneel at my feet.

When you see another sweetie hanging around,
When you read the lovelight in his eyes,
You’ll get wise, believe me;
When you see another’s arms go twining around,
All these things will make you realize;
You’re jealous so,
You’re bound to know,
That old time saying,
Tell me how does it go,
oh! “absence makes the heart grow fonder,”
When you see another sweetie hanging around,
That’s the time you’ll want to come back to me.

You may not believe me now,
But some day you will, I vow;
And when you feel like no one wants you around,
Then your thoughts will start homeward bound;
You’re longing to say goodbye.
And when all my tears are dry,
Then you’ll come back again,
And you’ll plead in vain,
This will be my reply: