America, I Love You (1915)

Vocal Range


A rallying cry for patriots prior to America's involvement in World War II, this rousing song was also featured in the 1940 film Tin Pan Alley. One way to update the lyrics would be to simply replace \"a hundred years\" with \"two hundred years\" and \"a hundred million\" with \"two hundred million\".


Amid fields of clover,
’Twas just a little over
A hundred years ago,
A handful of strangers,
They faced many dangers
To make their country grow.
It’s now quite a nation
Of wond’rous population,
And free from ev’ry king,
It’s your land, it’s my land,
A great do or die land,
And that’s just why I sing.

America, I love you,
You’re like a sweetheart of mine,
From ocean to ocean,
For you my devotion,
Is touching each bound’ry line.
Just like a little baby,
Climbing its mother’s knee,
America, I love you,
And there’s a hundred million others like me.

From all sorts of places,
They welcomed all the races
To settle on their shore;
They didn’t care which one,
The poor or the rich one,
They still had room for more.
To give them protection
By poular election,
A set of laws they chose;
They’re your laws and my laws,
For your cause and my cause—
That’s why this country rose.

America, I love you...