Ain't It a Grand and a Glorious Feeling (from Oh Boy!, 1917)

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We are told that this song was cut from the final performances of Oh Boy!, which is certainly a shame since it's a rousing tune. The quotation in the chorus is clearly an allusion to Carrie Jacobs-Bond's most popular sentimental song, “A Perfect Day”.


Some days are bum days, but sometimes, there come days
When your luck’s in from the start.
Days when the Jinx doesn’t drive to the drinks,
And Old Man Trouble has a heart;
When Fate doesn’t wait round the corner with a brick,
And your stock goes up to par.
Things aren’t this way very much, but say!
Oh joy! Oh Boy! when they are!

Ain’t it a grand and a glorious feeling
When the world is fair and bright!
When nothing’s gone wrong from the breakfast gong
Till you go to bed at night.
When you’re able to say, as you’re hitting the hay,
“This is the end of a perfect day!”
Ain’t it a grand and a glorious feeling
When you feel the world’s all right!