A Girl Like You Would Do (1907)

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Quite often I try to confess it,
The love in my fond heart for you.
I wonder that you do not guess it,
Each night when I’m strolling with you.
But somehow or other my grammar
Goes wrong when I come to explain,
And all I can do is to stammer,
And sing you my little refrain.

A girl like you would do
For a boy like me to woo.
’Neath the same old skies of blue,
I would tell my love to you.
My heart would ever be true,
And I’d live alone for you;
A girl like you would surely do
For a boy like me to woo.

Without you there’d be no existing;
Then life would be lonely and drear.
You’re just a fine girlie consisting
Of all that is lovable, dear.
I’m charmed with your style and your graces,
Your voice is a sweet melody.
I would with no monarch change places;
I’m happier by far than he.