A Winter Lullaby, Op. 51 (1889)

Vocal Range



The valley is going to sleep:
The birds in their nests are still,
And the maple branches bend and break
Over the leafless hill.
And the pitying sky looks down
And whispers to the snow,
Let us cover the hills so bare and brown
Where the flowers used to grow.
And she croons a lullaby
Through the hush of the storm:
Sleep, sleep in your cradle deep,
And I will keep you warm.
So sleep, sleep, sleep.

The valley is going to wake
The birds in their nests will sing,
And the maple branches bud, and break
Into the leaves of spring.
And the gleaming vale shall hear
Another lullaby;
And zephyrs will whisper it into her ear
Out of the heart of the sky:
Another lullaby tuned to the heart of the stream:
Wake, wake for your robin’s sake,
And tell the sky your dream;
so wake, wake, wake.