Watching and Waiting

Vocal Range



I am watching now as in nights of old
I watched, till over the hills afar,
I saw a glory of crimson and gold
Paling the light of the morning star.
When the roses, fresh with the early dew,
Nodded a welcome gay and bright
As I looked from my window for one I knew
Might come perchance with the morning light.
Break, blushing dawn, I softly said,
O, sun begin thy golden reign,
Come, happy day, the night has fled,
And loving hearts may meet, may meet again.

Still round my window the roses climb,
A cloud of white and a gleam of red;
They lack the scent of the old sweet time,
For my love who loved me is dead, long dead.
And the nights are long, and the days are drear,
And darkness lies on the earth for me,
Watching and waiting till dawn draws near,
Breaking in gold o’er a shoreless sea.
Break, happy dawn, I softly pray,
Fade, weary night of lonely pain,
Come, radiant morn of endless day,
That loving hearts may meet again.