Forever, Love, Forever (from Sylvia, 1906)

Vocal Range


This beautiful song is from Rhys-Herbert's operetta Sylvia, which will eventually appear in the catalog in its entirety.


There is a name deep in my heart,
Which long I gave to you.
And though as old as is the world
’Tis yet, believe me, new.
The name is small and yet it spans,
It spans the globe from pole to pole,
’Tis wide as heaven and grander far
Than ocean, than ocean’s ceaseless roll.

The stars themselves cannot conceive
A sweeter name than this.
And yet they hear the angels sing,
Whose every word is bliss.
In course of time, so runs the world,
All souls return, return above,
But ah, till then, my faithful soul,
will ever, will ever call you Love.