Persian Serenade (1912)

Vocal Range
Vocal Range


Editorial Changes
m22, vocal: original has “mountain” but the frontispiece text (where the entire poem is listed) has “fountain”.
m27, vocal: flat sign missing on beat 2 in low voice original; it's possible this was intentional but seems likely that this measure should be identical to m25.


Hark, as the twilight pale
Tenderly glows—
Hark, how the nightingale
Wakes from repose!
Only when, sparkling high
Stars fill the sky,
Unto the nightingale
Listens the rose.

Here, where the fountain tide,
Murmuring flows,
Airs from the mountain side
Fan thy repose.
Eyes of thine glist’ning,
Look on me list’ning,
I am thy nightingale,
Thou art my rose.

Sweeter the strain he weaves,
Fainter it flows
Now, as his balmy leaves
Blushingly close.
Better than minstrelsy,
Lips that meet kissingly:
I am thy nightingale,
Thou art my rose.