Lilacs (1905)

Vocal Range
Vocal Range


Cadmanís gentle, swaying accompaniment is compelling. One correction should be noted: in bar 54, beat 3, right hand, the natural sign was missing on the low note in the original.


Lilacs from the scented East,
Exiled from thy Persian home
Where the silver fountain’s fall
Echoed from the palace wall,
Where the bulbul’s plaintive call
Thrill’d in gardens of delight—
Grievest thou for that far home,
Oh, pale proud flower of the East?

Like some princess, Eastern born,
Strange among our rustic ways,
Heavy perfum’d, tropic bred,
Dusky leaved and nourished
On the dews which midnight shed
Where old Omar watched the night.
In our simple western ways,
Mournest thou, O Eastern born?

Dost thou miss the nightingale?
Lo, our thrush’s song is sweet:
And thine ancient land is low,
Faded, faded long ago,
All the splendor, all the glow,
All the glory, all the light.
List, the thrush’s note is sweet,
Oh, forget the nightingale!