The Moon Behind the Cottonwood (from The Morning of the Year, 1910)

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Excerpted from The Morning of the Year, Cadmanís cycle of songs for four solo voices (SATB), which will eventually make its way into the catalog in its entirety.


The moon behind the cottonwood is white and weird and cold,
In sobbing swells beneath the wind the bending grass is rolled;
The night is eerie, pale and chill, there is no pulse, no glow;
Ah, who would guess it still is June, with roses all a-blow?

If I could feel your love-warm kiss upon my lips tonight,
No need would be of balmy air, of rose or mellow light;
My heart would burst in singing, that has long, so long been dumb,
If you would come to me tonight, dear heart, if you would come!