Changed Her Mind (1882)

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Somebody walking one morning in May
Chanced to meet somebody on the same way:
“Shall I go with you?” somebody said;
Somebody saucily tossed her sweet head.
So somebody turned on his heel where he stood
And gloomily walked down the way through the wood.

Faded the golden joys out of the trees,
Dreary and sad grew the voice of the breeze,
Somebody’s watching, with anxious eyes bent,
Watching the way that somebody went.
Somebody’s weeping where somebody stood
And thinking how dark is the way through the wood.

Somebody found her after two hours
Weeping her little heart out to the flowers.
“Shall I stay with you now?” somebody said,
Lower and lower drooped somebody’s head,
Till somebody soothed her, as somebody could,
And happy once more is the way through the wood.