Carmeña (Waltz-Song) (1916)

Vocal Range


Composer Wilson was also a well-known singer of his day. If you want to see his suggestion for an impressive vocal cadenza, look at the last page of the vocal part.


Dance and song make glad the night,
Hark! the castanets are sounding light.
Come! ah, come! Love, I watch the scene so bright.
Ah! now rings a voice I know from every voice apart.
Thro’ the orange grove he hastens;
He is coming, oh, my heart!
Ah! ’mid the throng, many, many are fair;
Bright flow’rets twine in raven hair.
Dark eyes sparkle and gleam,
Soft lips breathe tender sighs,
Shall I fairest seem in his eyes?
Ah! Joy! Ah, joy! he comes to me!
Hark! now rings the music,
While the silver moon-beams shine;
In the dance, love, and forever,
I am thine, only thine!